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"An enchanting and lively novel that brings clarity, light and love to the darkness of the Holocaust with great tenderness, warmth and wisdom.  If only the return of the actual Messiah could come about with such novelistic panache."

- Thane Rosenbaum, The Golems of Gotham, Second Hand Smoke

“...Sophisticated and bittersweet from start to finish, Levine’s story refuses sentimentality or easy answers.  Instead it provides the reader with something far more rewarding—surprising insights through a spare yet rich interweaving of diverse personalities drawn together by confounding circumstances that transform their lives forever.”

- Jud Newborn, PhD, Sophie Scholl and the White Rose (co-author)

"When the war ended in 1945 I was stationed in Dachau. Karen Rae Levine's book The Clay Messiah is a tribute to her understanding and insight as to what Hitler's concentration camps were really like. A must read for the younger generations who are a world apart from that World War II era."

- David L. Israel, The Day the Thunderbird Cried

CHAPTER 1: Reading with Montage

(Warning: Graphic Content)

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